Mobility Talk: Parent and community engagement strategies



Any attempt at lowering student mobility and raising attendance must include parent and family engagement strategies that foster communication between schools and families. The Blueprint provides guidance, tools and information on how to engage families to solve the mobility challenge.

Most schools already have strong community engagement programs in place and are actively seeking the involvement and assistance of neighborhood organizations, churches and business. The Blueprint provides resources for these organizations with the hope that they will assist in spreading the word and helping to address the issue.

In addition, the new A-F Accountability system requires documentation of efforts, and the Blueprint provides tools to meet those requirements. The Blueprint unique community engagement strategy includes:

  • An analysis of a district’s existing community engagement efforts

  • Identification of targeted community resources that would assist with the effort

  • Assistance with the implementation of identified initiatives

  • Real-time monitoring of community engagement strategies

  • Reporting to schools and districts